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          Do you like gymnastics ? Well I do ! Hi I am Bella and I love gymnastics. Did you know you can do a lot of fun things in gymnastics ? I used to do gymnastics at Mjm Studios . That was before I hurt my foot though. When I hurt my foot I could no longer do gymnastics until it was healed and after it was healed like 2 months later it was summer and I was really busy so my mom said that I could get in gymnastics after summer. But after summer something happened again.
         Mjm Studios is a studio where you can do tumbling , hip – hop , ballet , and gymnastics. Mjm is a great place to go. You start at a low level and work your way up to a higher level. I started at a low level and after about 4 classes I got up to the higher level. Then that is when I hurt my foot and had to wait until after summer to do it again.
        How did I hurt my foot and what did I do to it your probably wandering. Well I did a lot of flips and one day I was about to go to school and my foot hurt really bad so we went to the doctors and the doctor looked at the x – ray and found out that it was fractured . So obviously  I fractured it. Have you ever broken / fractured anything ?

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MJM Studios website

Top Flight Gymnastics

You can answer in the comments below.

M&B Tumbling

Some major accomplishments are  me and my friend Macey have figured out the Days, cost, what the money is going to, what month,  how long each session is, what design is going to be on the shirts and what grades can do it. The only thing we have not figured out is where we are doing it and what day we are going to have the tryouts. I am feeling pretty good, but I am also feeling nervous that we will not be able to use the place we are wanting to. But excited to know that we have a backup plan to do it at another place if we can´t do it at the place we would rather do it at.

We are hoping to have the flyers for the classes out by December 8th.We also want to find out where we are going to do it by before December 8th so that we can get the flyers sent out because we have to know where and if we can use it the days that we are hoping to. We have got the okay from one  place but we are not sure if we want to do it there yet we are hoping another school will let us do it there.


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Bella’s Holiday post

One of my favorite holidays is Christmas. I have 4 or 5 different Christmas parties/ celebrations I have one at my Dads , Moms , Aunt ‘s, other Grandma’s, And my Great Aunt’s house. At each we do something different. Each year I wake up at a different parents house for Christmas. Whatever parents house I wake up at I stay there to about noon to two , then I go to the other parents house. I know it’s kinda confusing but I’m used to it now. I have been doing it for about 7 years now. One thing has been different though the past two or three years we do an extra Christmas at my step – dad’s house.

Another one of my favorite holidays is my birthday. So on my birthday my parents usually each pick a day around my birthday to have my birthday I most the time have 2 birthday parties and I get to invite different people to each birthday party. But sometimes I just have one really big party and I get to invite as many people as I want. I also get to pick where each birthday party is and what the theme is if there is a theme.

The last of my favorite holidays that i’m going to talk about is the Fourth of July This is one of my favorite holidays because I go all kinds of places to watch the fireworks. But there is something different about this holiday then all the others. What is different you are probably wondering. Well I don’t go to both parents house I just go to one then the next year I go to the others for the Fourth of July. There is only one other holiday that is like that , the holiday is new years eve. To learn about what some other families do for There favorite holidays tap on the links below.

Other peoples favorite holiday and why

Top 10 favorite holidays

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If I were the principal

Of I were the principal I would give the teachers and students 1 free day per month if they are doing really good in school and have good grades. I would so that because if they are doing good they deserve to get a free day to have fun. If I were the principal I would let the students either go home at 1:00 or just walk around the school and say good bye to the teachers and the students friends. I would do that because some of the teachers and / or students may not be there next year.

If I was a teacher I would give the students 1test a month just to see how they are doing.I would do that so that students can have more time to study for each test. Also so that students don’t get overwealmed by having too many tests.If I was the teacher I would also do interactive activities to teach them everything they need to know and I would do free time every Friday if they get all their work done and have no missing assignments.I would do that to encourage them to have no missing assignments.Also I would do interactive activities to teach so that they can learn in a dun way and be exited to learn.

To read some other people’s response click on the words in red.

If I were the principal

I were a teacher at my school

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Bella’s 20 % project

For my 20 % project I am doing tumbling classes with one of my friends. Three ways I am feeling are kind of nervous , very exited , and impatient. I am feeling nervous because, closer to the end of the school year me and my friend have to say a speech another thing that makes me nervous is creating the speech and wondering if we make all the due dates. I am very exited about starting the classes and picking people for the classes. I am impatient because at the end of the secession of classes we are going to do a big show with cheer and tumbling combined and I can’t wait.

Some of our major dead lines are  getting the flyers sent out by the 30th. We want to see if we can use one schools gym or not so we can see where we  are going to do it at that school or a different school by the end of the month also if that is possible . We sent out the email today and hope to receive an answer by the end of the month or the beginning of next month.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

what’s the ending

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While she looks at the water she calms down. The water makes a soothing sound. She looks at the water. She loves looking at the sunset when the water is nice and calm. She is relaxed and feeling better than ever. As she walks by the water she sees her reflection and calms down even more. She can finally be calm. But why , why would someone do something like she did she didn’t understand.

I’m inviting you to come read then in the comments write an ending to the story. Make it as creative as possible.

Activity 4

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What are attribution and licenses ?

What are Attributions and licenses ?

Activity 1 :     Licenses are  permits from an authority to do something. An Attribution is like when you get a picture off of google you should copy and paste the link if you are using the picture or something that is not yours. So an example of               A license is your drivers license, someone has to approve of you having a license. An  example of an Attribution is getting a picture off of google and putting it on a slide you are presenting to add the attribution you have to copy and paste the link in which you found the picture and paste in on the slide that has the picture on it. I hope you learned a lot more about attributions and licenses.

Activity 2:

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Waiting to bloom, standing nice and tall

Getting prettier by the second everyone is waiting to see it bloom

It is getting very close everyone can feel it

Finally it blooms and becomes the prettiest flower in the field

It grows and grows until it is bigger and taller than every other flower

As it gets older its petals begin to fall

Then the sad days appear and that flowers days are over

But then another flower comes and the same happens with that flower




Bella’s avatar

Face Your Manga 

Why did I choose my avatar ?  Well, I chose this avatar because I have brown hair and blue eyes. I like my avatar’s hair makeup and clothing. I like my avatar because it is unique and created by me, and things I like. My avatar doesn’t totally look like me but I created it. I created my avatar on Face Your Manga. I liked using this site comment if you used Face Your Manga. There were many other sites I could have used but I decided to use this one because I liked it the best out of all of the sites.


My Passion

My passion is cheer leading it is my passion because I do cheer, gymnastics and dance. Cheer is like gymnastics, cheer, and dance combined. Cheer is really important to me. I love because it is my life. Another reason I love cheer is because I love doing flips. 1 last reason I love cheer is because you have a routine with tumbling, dance and cheers.

My favorite part of cheer is partner stunts. Partner stunts are my favorite part of cheer because they are something you do with other people. You get to learn to trust these people because either they are holding you in the air or they are helping you hold someone in the air.

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